Contacting students Contacting students

The General Regulations for students make it clear that students have a responsibility to ensure that they can respond to messages left in their pigeonholes or by e-mail, or to formal School notices, within 48 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday) during periods of required attendance. ATR and ATS staff are able to email cohorts of students, but we ask this is only done in urgent situations. The preferred method of contacting groups of students is via Blackboard announcements. If in doubt, please contact Learning and Teaching Service colleagues or the Local Support Team and Operations Co-Ordinator.

MED students have pigeonholes on MED floor 1 for internal and external mail.

Occasionally staff may be asked for help from callers who claim to be family members, or citing a family emergency, trying to trace a student. Please be aware that the University’s data protection policy dictates that we will neither confirm nor deny a person is a student at this University, and will never release any information about them to third parties, without first obtaining consent from the student. It is particularly important to be mindful of this if you are contacted by a family member in a stressful situation, you may feel that you wish to help them but the student's right to privacy must always come first. Under no circumstances should visitors ever be taken to see students in University residences or elsewhere.