Annual Leave Annual Leave

Annual leave request forms (to record your annual leave) are available from MED Reception or a member of your local support team. Please refer to your letter of appointment for details of your annual leave entitlement. 

The Annual Leave year runs from 1st October to 30 September.

To book annual leave, please complete the leave dates on your annual leave card and have it authorised by your manager.  Your Line Manager is responsible for authorising and logging leave. You keep your annual leave card. You may carry up to five days over into the next annual leave year with the approval of your line manager.

The Annual leave calculator is useful to calculate annual leave for those employees who started work after 1st October 2013 and for part-time employees.

Guidance Notes for using Annual Leave Entitlement Calculator.

Once a year all staff are asked to confirm how much annual leave they have not yet taken between the periods 1st August and 30th September. The School is required to do this in order to complete a financial report required by central UEA finance.

Statutory and Customary Leave Statutory and Customary Leave

UEA closes between Christmas and New Year; we also close the Thursday and Tuesday either side of the Easter weekend, referred to as customary days. You can download the full list of dates on which UEA is closed for each year from the HR website.

Study Leave Study Leave

Information on the UEA study leave programme can be found on the UEA HR website.   Applications should be approved by the Line Manager or Head of Department before it comes to MED Executive in summer each year. 

Sickness and Absence Procedure Sickness and Absence Procedure

If you are absent through ill health or planned leave, please would you ensure that you inform your line manager and MED HR.  This is important since unless we are aware of illness, it is not possible for Human Resources to offer any appropriate assistance on return.  Self certificates should be submitted for up to 1 week and a GP’s certificate is needed for absences more than 7 days.

The University’s sickness absence guidelines can be found on the HR web pages.