In a nutshell In a nutshell

Appraisals are (usually) annual meetings of colleague and manager to review achievement of the past year and consider future plans, career goals and aspirations, training needs and promotion prospects.  The university appraisal form and guidance are available on the HR intranet, and training is available for Appraisers and Appraisees via the UEA eLearning portal. There is also a MED specific appraisal cover sheet available.


The purpose of appraisal is to review periodically the work, development needs and career aspirations of members of staff in relation to the requirements of their department and the University’s plans and to take appropriate steps to realise their potential.  It will facilitate communication, clarity of tasks and responsibilities, recognition of achievements, motivation, training and development to the mutual benefit of employer and employees.  


The staff appraisal and development scheme is designed to:

  • recognise individual contributions and within a framework of constructive openness provide an opportunity for members of staff to discuss their job performance against agreed objectives
  • assist staff in understanding the goals of their school or unit and to be aware of their part in achieving them through clear objectives
  • provide individual members of staff with an opportunity to reflect on their personal performance, to identify strengths and weaknesses and to improve performance to enable them to reach their potential
  • help individual members of staff to identify their training and development needs to further develop their careers within the University
  • identify changes in the organisation or operation of the University which would enable individuals to improve their performance
  • identify and develop potential for promotion
  • improve the efficiency with which the University is managed.

The scheme is intended to be compatible with the University’s equal opportunities policy.  In particular, equality of opportunity should be a consideration in the allocation of appraisers and in the provision of resources for follow-up action and staff development.  Usually, PIs will appraise researchers on their projects.


The appraisal scheme applies uniformly to all members of staff of the University.  Please note Clinical Academics will also need an appraisal from their Trust employer.


The formal appraisal meeting should take place once a year. This should be agreed with the appraiser in consultation with the Head of School or Department. You will receive an annual reminder via email requesting the date of your annual appraisal. The purpose of this is for the university to ensure that all staff are being given this opportunity to talk about their role and development.

On Completion

Once you have completed your annual appraisal, you should keep a copy for your own records and your appraiser should forward the completed form to Simona Florescu for the Head of School to sign off. 

Career Development Support Career Development Support

A number of sources of support are available through the Centre for Staff Education and Development (CSED), in particular RS Connect.

RS Connect offers a range of courses suitable for researchers to enhance career development. 

CSED also offers a programme of opportunities which is relevant to all staff

The UEA Technicians' Forum has the aim of uniting technicians across UEA.

There are a number of other support networks across the University with which staff can connect. More information is available on the Networks portal pages.