so you want to recruit? so you want to recruit?





If you wish to ask a colleague to undertake ‘casual’ teaching on your course, please consult with SAA (Personnel) before asking them to do any teaching so we can ensure suitable contractual arrangements are in place before the work is undertaken.  NB  Associate Tutor contracts last only one academic year so need renewing each year.

If the post will be funded from a research grant, contact Laura Glibbery in REN who will guide and support you through the process.  MED Local Support (i.e. administrative colleagues based in MED) are only involved in arranging interview room bookings and refreshment arrangements.
If the post will be funded from MED/UEA funds, you will need to:

A Post Release (permission to recruit) application is needed.
This Post Release must be sent for approval to Med Exec, then FMH Exec, then possibly by UEA, so allow 1-2 months to receive approval.
If not approved, SAA(Personnel) will inform you; you may wish to review the application and return to step 3.a. above.

If approved, SAA (Personnel) will inform you; you will then need to create:

A Job Description, Person Specification and advertisement text, to be approved by recruiting group.  SAA (Personnel) will send to HRD on receipt for HERA grading (if necessary) and approval.
Please note that before advertising, you need to :

Inform SAA (Personnel) of the interview panel members (SAA (Personnel) can tell you who must be on the panel) and interview date (SAA (Personnel) can help co-ordinate diaries and submit panel date to HRD.  The interview date will need careful selection once you are aware how long the post must be advertised etc.

Adverts are usually placed on and the EDP web pages, as well as in one publication of your choice (e.g. nature).  If you will to advertise in another publication, you will need the school’s permission to fund the second advert so please contact Head of School or Faculty Manager well in advance so we can check the budgets.

Please note:     

UEA offers training on recruitment and interviewing.  Each interview panel should contain at least 2 people who have been trained in the last 2 years.  Ideally, panels should be resolved before documents are sent to advertise so that panel names can be included in the documentation.

Academic posts, especially for chairs, often has many very busy people on the interview panel so please bear two things in mind:

It will probably be very challenging to agree a date so allow enough time for this in your plan.
It takes a great deal of effort to co-ordinate diaries – so one a date has been agreed please ensure you put this date into your diary as an immovable commitment!

Applications will be received by a nominated person, usually SAA (Personnel), who will print copies for those panel members who will be short listing.  Short listing forms to be completed and returned to SAA (Personnel).
SAA (Personnel) will send letter to candidates and referees, book interview rooms and coordinate presentations.  If catering will be required, please advise SAA (Personnel) at this point.
On the interview day, SAA (Personnel) will greet the first candidate and bring them to the interview room, thereafter (unless other arrangements are specifically made) the Chair will call through subsequent candidates.
After the interview, please ensure the chair or most senior MED panellist informs SAA (Personnel) of the successful candidate and the school department in which they will sit. 
SAA (Personnel) will then inform School FM to ensure details are published to school when new person starts.


Please notes that your person specification will be used to generate your scoring criteria for short listing and interview so ensure that you include those tasks or attributes which you may later wish to score.


Further information can be found at


Non-stipendiary visitors requiring lab facilities

If you are thinking of inviting a visitor who might work in the laboratories, please note:

You must have Head of School agreement
You must make a formal offer to the visitor.  Please contact Ingrid Matthews..  We must receive a written reply.
Complete internal Memo, send copies to HOS, Payroll supervisor and Superintendent, UEA Security Services.
Send copies of offer letter, acceptance letter and Internal Memo to MED HR (Julie Wilderoder)
Candidate must register as non stipendiary visiting fellow using form V1 (IT account and campus card request).  The V1 form should be completed and sent to Carrie White for authorisation.

Visitors - lab users Visitors - lab users

If you have invited a visitor who will be spending time in one of the laboratories, please ensure that you make the relevant Laboratory Manager aware of this as soon as possible, to allow time for arrangements to be made for the necessary induction training to take place. 

Visitors - non lab Visitors - non lab

Information on visitors who will not be using the labs, but will still require library access etc.

Work Experience, Under 18 and Casual Staff Work Experience, Under 18 and Casual Staff

Info on casual staff, work experience visitors and those under 18

Associate Tutor and Honorary Contracts Associate Tutor and Honorary Contracts

1. Contractual links with UEA

A)  If you have a substantive contract with an NHS Trust, your Trust will receive funding to cover this teaching.  You may therefore wish to apply for Honorary Lecturer Status at UEA in recognition of your contribution to the MB BS programme.   We ask that all non-UEA employees who become advisers apply for Honorary Status.  Alternatively, you may not be a Trust employee but still wish to apply for Honorary Status. 

  • To arrange this, please contact the MED School Manager who will send you a form to complete.  Setting up Honorary posts can take some time to reach the approval stage, but once achieved it will run for three years before renewal is required.

B)  If you do not have a substantive contract with a Trust, you will need to apply for an Associate Tutor (AT) Contract.  PLEASE NOTE: Associate Tutors must have a contract in place BEFORE they complete any teaching, or assessing such as OSCEs.  Contracts cannot be backdated and timesheets cannot be accepted/processed if the contract is received after the first date of any teaching.   To set this up, please contact Sadie Jones who will send you a number of forms for completion and return.  You will need to bring a copy of your passport or other verification documents to Sadie in due course in order that we document your ‘Right to Work’ in the UK.  Travel expenses are not reimbursed to Associate Tutors. The hourly pay rate has been calculated to include academic preparation, travel time and expense.

Recruitment & Athena Swan Recruitment & Athena Swan

Note regarding wording of adverts to account for Athena Swan requirements.