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Departments and Research Groups in MED

The school is comprised of the following Research Themes, which are sub-divided into Research Groups, and Departments:

  • Theme 1: Cardiometabolic & Gut Health
    • Group 1: Cardiometabolic & Gut Health
    • Group 2: Gastroenterology & Gut Biology
    • Group 3: Nutrition & Preventive Medicine
  • Theme 2: Lifecourse & Aging
    • Group 4: Mental Health
    • Group 5: Cancer Studies
    • Group 6: Musculoskeletal Medicine
    • Respiratory & Airways
  • Theme 3: Public Health & Health Services Research
    • Group 8: Public Health & Primary Care
    • Group 9: Epidemiology & Public Health
    • Group 10: Health Economics
    • Group 11: Clinical Trials Unit
  • Department of Medical Education
  • Department of Clinical Psychology

A full overview of these departments and their members can be accessed via the relevant organogram.

Support Staff Structure in MED

Administrative support within the school is provided by a team working to support the school activities. An organogram of these staff members and which areas of the school they support can be found by clicking the MED Local Support Staff image link below.

Committees in MED

Norwich Medical School has a number of Committees, Executives, Boards and Groups, all of which formally operate under the authority vested in the Head of School and the School Board. The formal structure of these committees can be seen in the MED Committee Organogram linked below. 

Each school committee has its own folder on Blackboard where terms of reference and minutes are posted:

  • Blackboard>My Modules> MED-STAFF-11E: MED Staff Information>Meeting Minutes, Agenda and Documents

School Management and Leadership Roles

A full list of all academic and school leadership roles can be downloaded via this link