Flexible Working Flexible Working

Staff may make an application to work flexibly under the right provided in law to help eligible employees care for their children or for an adult 

In the first instance, we encourage colleagues to approach their line manager/PI to explore whether informal changes to patterns of work can be mutually agreed. 

When requesting, or agreeing to temporary or informal changes, colleagues are asked to refer to the MED Working from Home Guidance, below.

scheduling meetings scheduling meetings

Comment received during our staff questionnaire showed clearly that in a complex school involving many colleagues with both university and health care commitments, such as MED, there are not ideal times at which to hold meetings.  The SEESAW Group considered the responses and ask that core meetings be scheduled between 10am and 3pm, on weekdays and outside of school holidays, wherever possible.

Working From Home Guidance Working From Home Guidance

The default expectation is that work will be carried out on university premises. 

For those staff whose work is such that it can be undertaken off-site, working arrangements may only be entered into with the approval of your Head of Department.

For staff with a customer facing role, working from home is only appropriate in limited circumstances and dependent on availability of other staff.

Any discussion about working from home should consider the following guidance:

  • That working from home is a privilege not a right and should be requested in advance.
  • The request may be declined but the Line Manager/PI should discuss the individual situation with the staff member and work together to find a mutually agreeable arrangement.
  • That availability is agreed for contact by phone, at a number to be notified, during office hours.
  • That responses to voicemails and emails will be received within a timeframe comparable to what would be expected if the staff member was working on site.
  • That routine emails will be responded to within 72 hours (and that any holding responses will include a deadline for when follow up will happen)
  • That the staff member comes in to UEA for any scheduled meetings, or to meet with Head of Department to discuss these arrangements.
  • That staff members working from home should use an electronic calendar and relevant staff in Local Support must have open access to it.
  • It is not good practice for managers or their staff to consider working from home as a suitable alternative to recording sickness absence, emergency dependent’s leave, or any other form of leave available to staff within UEA HR guidelines