Green Impact Green Impact

MED would like your assistance in helping us use less energy at work. Below we list a number of simple actions that we ask you to take to help us be energy efficient and carbon conscious:

  • Photocopy double-sided whenever possible – each photocopier explains how to do this - and  consider efficient use of paper when creating handouts,
  • Print double-sided where possible – the print page on your PC will help you to do this.  You can also set double-sided as your default,
  • Recycle printer and toner cartridges via MED reception, and donate used postage stamps to charity in the first floor kitchen,
  • Hand used or broken pens in to MED Reception for recycling, and put milk bottle tops in the containers in the kitchens,
  • Use the compost bins in the kitchens for food, teabags and compostable paper cups from Campus Kitchen outlets,
  • Dispose of recyclable items in the labelled bins provided around MED and around the UEA campus,
  • Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible to allow the Termodeck heating/cooling system to work.  If you are concerned about the temperature of your office, contact or Estates for help.
  • Walk or cycle to work, use public transport, or car share if possible.  Further information can be found on the Travel and Transport pages.
  • Read and act on the Green Impacts noticeboard by Reception.

MED Lighting and Equipment Responsibility Plan


Lecturers and other members of staff are responsible for turning off projectors, computers and lights at the end of every taught session unless participants in a next session are actually waiting outside the door.  Signs have been put up in the classrooms and will eventually be incorporated within the general room information charts.


All staff are responsible for turning off lights. Towards the end of every day any member of staff who thinks they could be the last to leave should switch off.


The individual concerned is responsible for turning off all lights and equipment at the end of every day and, where possible, at lunch time or at any time when they expect to be out of the office for 45 minutes or more. If you have a portable space heater, do not leave it switched on when you leave the room.


The last member of staff to leave any area should turn off landing lights.  Stair lights should be treated with more caution to avoid the risk of falls but staff leaving well into the evening should consider turning the lights off.