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MED and MB BS Key Personnel MED and MB BS Key Personnel

Many academic staff hold leadership roles related to teaching, research, innovation and engagement as well as academic management. A full list of School Roles and Responsibilities can be downloaded below.

acronym buster acronym buster

We recognise that for new and not so new staff, there are many acronyms in common usage across the School, which reflects the great diversity of the work of the School. To help communication between colleagues we have created an Acronym Buster which builds on the University document to incorporate commonly used acronyms within the Medical School. If you have any suggestions to add to this document, please email

Please remember, whenever presenting information to colleagues outside your immediate area of work, to provide names in full followed by the acronym, for example Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMH).

MED STAFF Photoboards MED STAFF Photoboards

if you want to find a member of staff in MED, you might like to refer to the staff photoboards which may help put a face to a name! Boards are located in the MED building next to the reception desk, and also in the BCRE on the second floor outside 2.03.

If you are a new member of staff in the school, you will be contacted by who will ask you for a profile photograph which will be added to the photo board the next time it is updated. 

MED Information Guide



BCRE Information Guide