New Staff New Staff

We have provided for managers and new staff a template which covers everything a new employee should be provided with and told about by their line manager. We also have an induction document for research and analogous staff (RA). 

MED Reception will contact you to request a short biography and a photograph to include in the Daily Bulletin and on the staff photo board.

MED arranges an induction morning for new staff three times a year and you should receive an invitation automatically. If you do not receive an invitation, please contact Ruth Flather

All new staff should complete the UEA mandatory training outlined in the induction template. Please also make sure you read the Health and Safety Code of Practice and return the Safety Declaration contained within the document to If you will require laboratory access, a copy of this declaration should also be submitted to the relevant laboratory manager. Finally, do ensure that whoever carries out your induction shows you where the fire exits are in your building.  

If you have a near relative registered as a student at UEA, please download and complete the Staff Near Relative Workplace Disclaimer and hand it to your line manager.

new staff induction templates new staff induction templates

This document can be used as the basis for an induction programme for new staff in MED. Line managers should arrange an induction for their new staff and ensure they have all the information they need ready to start in their new role, including reading the Health and Safely code of practice and completing their mandatory training.

Download the MED Induction document

information for new research staff information for new research staff

Before the new researcher starts, the Principal Investigator (PI) needs to:

  • Decide who will be responsible for induction (this would normally be the PI or line manager, but may be another team member e.g. Project Co-ordinator)
  • Identify a “buddy” to support and answer initial questions, share lunch, introduce colleagues etc.
  • Agree a time and place where the new researcher (RA) and person responsible for induction meet on the first day
  • Inform other relevant staff (e.g. other members of the project team) of start date, arrange introductions and involve in induction as appropriate

This document will help supply relevant information for new research staff.