Laboratory Access Hours

Standard laboratory working hours are between 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. All staff are encouraged where possible to restrict laboratory work to these hours in order to reduce ‘lone working’ as much as possible. However it is accepted that some work may be necessary outside of these core hours.

Staff and PG students who require access to buildings during limited access hours (between 6am – 10pm 7 days a week and during bank holidays and UEA concessionary holidays) must ensure a ‘Lone Working / Limited Access Hours risk assessment’ is in place for your work. This risk assessment must be kept in your group Laboratory Safety Folder and each individual must read and sign this risk assessment giving detail of CoSHH / SOP's relevant to the work they will undertake out of hours. This must then be authorised by the responsible PI. Where possible staff should adopt a 'buddy system' when working during limited access hours to avoid all lone working. Card access will not be granted for limited access hours until the above procedures have been met.

Visitors will not be issued access outside of standard laboratory working hours except in exceptional circumstances where full compliance with UEA safety policies and appropriate training & experience can be proven.

Laboratory Security

All individuals granted card access to any areas of the university should be aware of their individual responsibilities with regards to building security. Individuals should not allow 'tailgating' of individuals they do not recognise through access doors, especially in higher risk areas or during 'out of hours'. All users must adopt a 'challenge policy', ask individuals if they also have authorised access and in the same vein do not be affronted if challenged yourself. If you have any doubt or concerns about anyone in UEA buildings, do not hesitate to contact UEA security on x2352 (or x2222 in an emergency).

Equipment / Service Engineer Access to Laboratories

Prior to granting access to laboratories to any equipment service personnel, all engineers must go through an appropriate UEA Contractor Controls process. For BCRE all visiting engineers will be required to be authorised by an appropriately experienced member of laboratory staff and must complete the contractor/ engineer access form.

Access Requirements for Building / Facilities Engineers

Access for all building works or facilities service staff within BCRE is managed via a Facilities Management contract with Apleona HSG Ltd and all companies must complete contractor controls processes in advance of arrival via this route (contact Facilities Manager: Andrea Poll). All engineers accessing laboratory areas will be given a briefing on specific hazards associated with laboratory areas and specific areas where access is required may be 'made safe' by technical team prior to access being permitted.

Access Requirements for Domestic Support Staff

In addition to standard training for domestic support staff provided by Facilities Management contractors, all domestic support staff who support and therefore require access to laboratory areas in BCRE must attend documented annual health and safety laboratory induction training provided by the BCRE technical support team to ensure an awareness of additional hazards posed in specific facilities. Domestic support staff are not permitted to enter high risk laboratory areas in BCRE (to include CL2+ lab, HotLab).