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Lab Access and Safety Inductions

access and safety for new starters access and safety for new starters

All new staff, students or visitors (who will be at UEA for more than 2 days*) to the MED school who wish to gain access to laboratory facilities must follow a process to ensure they have appropriate documented safety training to be considered not to pose a risk to themselves or others in using the facilities prior to being granted access to laboratory facilities. Individuals must have identified appropriate PI supervision# and must have completed safety paperwork and risk assessments applicable for any work to be undertaken.

All staff must have read the FMH Code of Practice (inclusive of Section 2, the laboratory section) and must have signed the declaration (Appendix I) confirming their understanding of this guidance. A copy of the completed and signed declaration must be stored in their group safety folder and proof of completion must be sent to the Laboratory Manager (for BCRE) / Laboratory Co-ordinator (for BMRC) in order for access rights to be approved. All individuals must also attend documented Health and Safety Induction training for the laboratory areas they require access to and must have read any local rules relating to the laboratory in which they will work.

Further requirements will depend on what position the individual holds within the school and what laboratory work will be undertaken.


*individuals who will be visiting UEA for 2 days or less will not be issued card access to MED school laboratories. At any time they are in laboratories, they must be supervised by a suitably experienced member of MED school staff / student and will not be issued unsupervised access. The visitor must complete ‘Section 1’ of a ‘Short Term Lab Visitor Form’ and a member of academic staff or laboratory manager must take responsibility for their safety by completing ‘Section 2’ of the same form. Visitors of greater than 2 days

# All individuals working in MED school labs must either be part of a lab active group with a lead PI who holds responsibility for the safety of the research group, or must have a 'sponsoring' PI who is a collaborator or whose work activities align closely with the work to be undertaken. The PI would be required to agree to take responsibility for the activities of that individual for the duration of their lab activities by completion of a PI responsibility commitment form and all lab activities would be required to be risk assessed and conducted in line with all UEA and MED school safety procedures and policies.

Further Access and safety information Further Access and safety information

Further access and safety information for MED school appointments based in the BioMedical Research Centre (BMRC) and the Bob Champion Research & Education Building (BCRE) can be found below.