Information Sheets, Rules and Risk Assessments Information Sheets, Rules and Risk Assessments

Electrophoresis Safety Information Sheet
LASERs & LASER Safety Information Sheet
Microwave Oven Safety in Labs Information Sheet
Electrical Safety Rules UEA Rules
Pregnancy for lab staff UEA Guidance
Centrifuge Use in Laboratories Information Sheet
Autoclave Risk Assessment Risk Assessment
Ethidium Bromide Use & Disposal Information Sheet
Gas Cylinders Handling RA Risk Assessment
Sonicator Safety Information Sheet
Dry Ice Risk Assessment Risk Assessment
Ultraviolet Radiation Use Information Sheet
CE Markers Introduction Information Sheet
CoSHH Introduction Information Sheet
Hazard Symbols - GHS (globally harmonised system) Information Sheet
Phenol Safety & Spills Procedure Information Sheet
Liquid Nitrogen Risk Assessment Risk Assessment
Health Surveillance for Lab workers UEA Guidance and Form
Working at Height UEA Guidance
Compressed Gases and Pressure Systems  
Drug Precursors See written summary
Disinfectant Use See written summary