Drug Precursors, Use of Drug Precursors, Use of

European Union Regulations cover the purchase and use of chemicals that may be the precursors to illicit drugs. Previously universities were exempt from these regulations, however since 2004 universities have had to comply with these regulations and as such the Faculty of Medicine DOES NOT hold a licence to purchase drug precursors from the Category 1 schedule. Download a wallchart of precursors and licencing requirements here.

Anyone who may wish to commence work which requires the use of any drug falling under this schedule must contact the Laboratory Manager in the first instance. There is a cost implication in licence application which is required to be taken into account when costing grant applications for new work which may use these compounds. 

See the Home Office site for further information on Drug Precursor Licencing.

Radioisotopes use Radioisotopes use

All use of radioisotopes at UEA is regulated by University Safety Services.  All users must be registered and have attended documented training with USS prior to using or ordering in any radioisotope.  For further details refer to the relevant pages on the Portal or contact the University Radiation Protection Technician.

duty free spirits duty free spirits

Within MED school research labs ethanol can be used for the following scientific purposes: 

  • Analytical research 
  • Teaching 
  • Pilot studies for commercial projects only (not scale up) 

Ethanol must not be used for: 

  • Routine cleaning of work areas

Within BCRE support staff supply a provision of denatured ethanol for cleaning and other purposes. Please contact BCRE.techs@uea.ac.uk for enquiries. 

Excise Notice 47: duty free spirits  - use in manufacture or for medical or scientific purposes allows the university to purchase and  use duty free spirits within the limits of our licence (DFS/008966) outlined in the Alcoholic Duties Act (1979)