BCRE Infection control CL2+ suite BCRE Infection control CL2+ suite

All laboratories based in BCRE are Containment Level 2 laboratories. However, where clinical specimens brought into BCRE come from patients with a higher potential to have undiagnosed infections / carry unknown pathogens but where there is no intention to deliberately propagate any biological agents above ACDP hazard group 2 (http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/misc208.pdf), samples should be processed in the BCRE CL2+ suite as per an appropriately submitted and authorised risk assessment (Human Tissues, Micriobiological or both as appropriate).   

All work in the Infection Control Suite must follow procedures laid out in the 'CL2+ Generic SOP'.  Useful forms for users of the CL2+ Infection Control Suite can be found below.

CL2+ Suite Document list CL2+ Suite Document list

Appendix 1

Authorisations to work in CL2+ suite should be sought by completion and submission of either:

Appendix 2 Occupational Health Surveillance
Appendix 3 Personal training record for staff working in CL2+
Appendix 4 Certificate of Decontamination of CL2+ equipment
Appendix 5 Microbiological Safety Cabinet: Weekly Airflow Log
Appendix 6 CL2+ Sign In/Out Log
Appendix 7 Engineer Permit to work in CL2+ Suite
SOP 1 CL2+ Autoclave SOP
SOP 2 CL2+ Generic SOP