human, animal, insect, organism or pathogen cell culture human, animal, insect, organism or pathogen cell culture

Culture of all primary human cells / micro or GM organisms are subject to appropriate regulatory risk assessment submissions as previously listed (GM, Microbiological or Human Tissues & body fluids) however culture of cell lines may not require the same regulatory authorisations but work must still be appropriately risk assessed. Use of  BMRC and BCRE 'Culture Facilities' are managed centrally by the technical team in BCRE and BMRC appropriately.  There are working Codes of Practice for use of these facilities. 

The Tissue Culture Code of Practice for BCRE can be downloaded. For BMRC Code of Practice please ask the BMRC laboratory Co-ordinator for further details.  Training is required for all individuals prior to use of these facilities and some facilities permit organism culture where others do not.  Some insect or organism culture may be performed on the open lab bench dependent on risk assessment.  

Please contact your local laboratory teams to ensure you use appropriate containment and are authorised to use the facilities for your work and to ensure you have received the appropriate training for each set of facilities.