waste waste

All waste of a biological nature must be disposed of appropriately according to regulations and local rules.

NB. More general information on all types of waste disposal in BCRE can be found in the guidance document 'Waste and You'

Microbiological waste Microbiological waste

All Microbiological waste must be treated by steam sterilisation prior to disposal via landfill routes.  In BMRC and BCRE this type of waste is disposed of in yellow boxes. As part of this process all groups using the yellow box disposal route must annually complete a copy of the yellow box risk assessment and their processes must follow those outlined for BCRE in the 'Yellow Box SOP & Risk Assessment' (for those in BMRC please contact Laboratory Co-ordinator for details).  The group copy of the yellow box Risk Assessment must be submitted to the Laboratory Manager for storage in the Waste Processing suite. 

GM Waste GM Waste

All GM waste (generated from work with GM organisms or from GM tissues) also follows the 'Yellow Box SOP & Risk Assessment' disposal route, but due to regulation this waste must be tracked from 'cradle to grave'(a specifically identified and traceable route for the waste from creation to destruction).

Hence for BCRE, as detailed in the SOP, all Yellow Boxes containing GM waste must be labelled with stickers identifying the source of the waste and the appropriate GM risk assessment reference. (Stickers are provided by the technical team - please request stickers for your work).

Human Tissue Waste Human Tissue Waste

Human Tissue / Blood product or Primary Human Tissue culture Waste 

All waste of a clinical nature (waste generated from work with Human Tissue, Blood products or tissue culture using primary human cells / tissues) must follow the 'Clinical Waste' route.  For BCRE follow the 'BCRE Clinical Waste SOP', for the BMRC please contact the laboratory co-ordinator for details.