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Biological Hazards

biological hazards biological hazards

Due to the nature of research in the Medical School laboratories, there are a number of biological hazards which workers may be exposed to.   

Any researchers working with any of the below sample types or using the facilities identified below should be fully conversant with the appropriate UEA or local rules for working and must ensure they have completed appropriate risk assessments for review by committee 

If you are starting out working with any of these agents, contact the Laboratory Manager for initial advice / assistance. 

In the event of a spillage of biological material the  “Generic Biological Spills Procedure” should be followed UNLESS the specific risk assessment for the work undertaken specifies an alternative, in which case the specific risk assessment supersedes any generic instructions.

Please note, all laboratory staff working with biological agents classified as ACDP Hazard Group 2 or above (, with Human Tissues or with known respiratory / skin sensitisers must undertake appropriate Health Screening via UEA Occupational Health department. Initially by completion of the appropriate University Medical Service Biological Agents Questionnaire.

genetically modified organisms



Animal Products and Animal Pathogens



Cell Culture



microbiological agents



BCRE Infection Control CL2+ Suite



Human Tissues and Body Fluids



Biological Waste (Micro, GM, Clinical)