Visitors Visitors


If you are expecting someone to visit the School, please inform MED reception.

Visitors or short-term researchers in the School will require a basic H&S induction.  They should be given a copy of the MED Code of Health and Safety Regulations, which they should read and then sign and return the acknowledgement slip attached.  Copies can be obtained by emailing Helen Sayer.  Their attention should be drawn specifically to the School's procedures in the event of fire which are detailed on page 3 but which are also shown below:

All visitors must be made aware of the School's procedures in the event of fire:

            -  Location of nearest fire alarm box and how to activate the alarm;

            -  Location of nearest fire extinguishers and how to use them without incurring personal risk;

            -  Nearest evacuation route, and alternative evacuation route.


If your visitor will be undertaking any research within School or assisting in teaching, please ask them to complete a V1 form (for non-stipendiary visitors) and send it to Carrie White with dates of visit so that insurance can be arranged.

New Staff New Staff

Safety for New Staff, Visitors, and non-MED Staff

Anyone with a working space in the building must have signed documents to show that they are aware of the MED safety rules before they can begin work.


1.  New staff: all new staff must undergo safety induction with the Health & Safety Assistant.


2.  Visitors: eg visiting scientists, should always be registered as non-stipendiary visitors – or they will be uninsured - and should undergo safety induction with the member of staff they are visiting if they are to work here.


Induction packs are available from Reception for all new starters whether faculty, researchers, admin or technical staff.  Signed forms to confirm training has been given should be returned via Reception.


Short term visitors, eg external examiners, meeting delegates, u/g and PGT students, and members of the public are assumed to be at all times directly in the care of one or more members of staff.


The required Safety Induction (not required for short term visitors) is quickly and easily carried out using the following web link: 

This will take you to the section specifically for new MED members, entitled ‘New Staff Health and Safety Induction’.