Incident Reporting Incident Reporting

Accident and Incident reporting

In the event of an accident or incident resulting in an injury (however minor), or other adverse health effect, it is MANDATORY to submit an Accident Form.  This form should preferably be completed by a member of Faculty or other senior member of staff.


The Hazardous Incident Report Form can be used to report an incident or situation that “has the potential to cause personal injury, but has not done so on this occasion”, including “near-misses”.  It could also be used to report potentially hazardous conditions.  In the first instance it may be appropriate to discuss such an issue with an appropriate person.  Multiple ‘responsible persons’ are listed in the MED Code of Health & Safety Regulations (the “Orange Book”- also available on the same download page), or you could discuss it with a line manager or supervisor.  It is better to do so than to let a potentially dangerous situation continue or develop.


In both cases the completed forms should be sent to the University Safety Services either by mail, fax, or email to  AT THE SAME TIME please send a copy to the School Heath and Safety Committee.  This can be done by putting a hard copy in our pigeon hole in the Pigeon Hole Room 0.62 (easily identified as the top-left corner pigeon hole with black and yellow tape around it), or by email to


All Accident and Incident Forms are routinely inspected and discussed by the School Health and Safety Committee.


Risk assessment - a list of supervisors who can authorise your risk assessment can be found at:!Risk_%20Substitutes.pdf