Health and Safety Health and Safety

The UEA Statement of Health and Safety Policy is available at  The policy consists of 3 parts –

Part A – a general statement of policy signed by the Vice Chancellor
Part B – organisation of H & S responsibilities

This part brings responsibilities under the policy into one section.  It defines individual responsibilities of all employees and student, and then identifies the additional responsibilities of various types of managers and supervisors.

Part C – policies and rules

This part lists the UEA H & S policies and rules that are enacted under this general policy.  It also includes one-off health and safety policy decisions that are not documented elsewhere in the university’s policies.

For those of you working in BMRC please refer to the BIO Health and Safety web pages.

MED Health and Safety Officer

The School Health and Safety Co-ordinator is the School Manager, assisted by Helen Sayer.  In BCRE, Jasmine Waters.

Work Station & DSE Assessment Work Station & DSE Assessment

Shortly after joining MED, all members must undertake Display Screen Equipment User Training.  This will mostly provide important information regarding workstation safety and will enable you to complete your own Workstation Self-Assessment Questionnaire, which must be returned to the Faculty Manager.  

Electrical Equipment Electrical Equipment

All electrical items must be checked by the technicians prior to use.  Re-tests must be completed every two years.

Risk Assessments and COSHH forms Risk Assessments and COSHH forms

Please may I remind you that the completion of COSHH forms is a legal obligation and the responsibility of the UEA as part of their duty of care for all employees, students and visitors.  Principle Investigators should ensure they have the necessary forms available to view on request in the lab, signed and read by all people undertaking the experiments and activities.

It is very important that these assessments are completed fully and in a timely fashion, especially if students will be visiting potentially hazardous locations, or undertaking potentially hazardous activities.  Forms must be completed and instructions on the web pages followed before an activity is undertaken.

PEEPS (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) PEEPS (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)

If members of staff may have problems evacuating the building in an emergency, please contact Catherine Butcher to ensure a Personal Evacuation Plan is agreed.  Please also contact Catherine if you invite visitors to MED who may need a PEEP.

Project Students and Supervisors Project Students and Supervisors

No field equipment, laboratory equipment or chemicals of any description can be issued or used until a written Risk Assessment, signed by both the user and their supervisor, has been submitted.

Students must return a risk assessment form, and a COSHH form, even if they are returned ‘no risk identified’.  Students who return no form, or whose form is inadequately completed, will not be able to begin any practical work until they have rectified any deficiencies.  

Transportation of Chemicals Transportation of Chemicals

There are strict regulations on the transport of chemicals by road, sea & air.  We have had several scenarios of people attempting to hand carry chemicals on planes, ferries and public transport in the last year and people should be reminded that this is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangement with the transport company is made.  Therefore could anyone planning to take any chemical or gas away from UEA or transport to and from external locations please speak to your designated laboratory technician at the earliest opportunity.  This includes samples, refrigerated goods on dry ice or dry ice alone.

Currently we have only one person within the school qualified to prepare chemicals and gases for transport, so as much notice as possible is required to ensure the transport can be arranged. 

At least two weeks’ notice is required!  Please plan well in advance for shipments of this nature to enable you to meet your schedule.