A Virtual Online Learning Environment A Virtual Online Learning Environment

Blackboard is the UEA virtual learning environment which is widely utilised as a teaching tool within MED but is also employed beyond teaching, including MED staff information, certain University committees and mandatory training, so all staff members should familiarise themselves with its functions. 

If you wish to have items such as lecture notes added to the site, please send them to med.blackboard@uea.ac.uk at least 1 working day before they need to be accessible to students listing which module and topic it is for.

Getting to Blackboard

To get to the Blackboard site simply go to the Portal home page and follow the Blackboard link at the top right hand side of the page.

My Modules

The ‘MY MODULES’ box contains links to the Blackboard modules you are enrolled on; at a minimum this will be MED Staff Information.  This module contains a wide range of information including learning outcomes for tutors to incorporate into their teaching material.  Depending on what you are teaching, you may have asked for enrolment on to Year Sites and related PBL discussion groups, MB BS General Information or modules relating to particular areas of work such as Consultation Skills or SSS.  We are currently combining MB BS modules into Year Sites.  We have reached Year 3.  Years 4 and 5 still have separate Blackboard modules per MB BS module.

Within each Blackboard module there is a left hand menu of Content Areas.  You can also search the whole module by following the instructions given in the podcast and transcript at the bottom of the Welcome page of MED Staff Information.

Other MB BS related Blackboard modules include:

  • Assessment information relevant to all years
  • General information for all years
  • Careers, including Intercalation information

Physician Associate students have one Blackboard site per cohort year.  Each cohort site builds during the 2 year course to include all 6 modules and other theme related material.

If you are a Module Lead for the MB BS or the MSc Physician Associate Studies and would like some support with the look and feel of your Blackboard module, please contact med.blackboard@uea.ac.uk. All other Module Leads must remember to roll over their Blackboard module on an annual basis. For further information about how to do this, please go to the Preparing for the Start of Year guide, and for more information you can also visit the Getting Started Using Blackboard Portal pages

When searching for information When searching for information

Whereas the Portal is the source of most information regarding polices and guidance that help all UEA Staff, the MED Staff Information Blackboard Module also contains a wealth of School and Faculty specific information

To help assess where is the best place to begin your search, please consider the following questions:

  • Is it information that is regularly changed, added to, or updated eg Committee minutes? Go to MED Staff Information
  • Do we need to restrict access to particular groups eg PBL tutor guides? Go to MED Staff Information
  • Do we need multiple editors to update the information? Go to MED Staff Information
  • Is it just an overview you need, and perhaps some signposting to further information? Go to the MED Intranet Pages on the Portal.
  • Is it useful to all staff in the School, eg information about induction, health and safety, or who works in which area? Go to the MED Intranet Pages on the Portal.