Consultancy Consultancy

All external income generating work should be covered by a consultancy agreement with UEA as this means monies raised can attract additional funding for UEA from HEIF through our declared consultancy returns, but also, and importantly, to avoid risk for the consultant.

Any commercial activity undertaken, which is considered to be outside of normal UEA duties and deemed consultancy will not necessarily be covered by UEA’s insurance policy whereas if this is undertaken within the remit of a consultancy agreement with UEA then there will be indemnity through that arrangement.  Colleagues would be very exposed without indemnity insurance so if you have chosen not to use UEA consultancy make sure you arrange cover for yourself.

Any income from consultancy, facilities hire and non-accredited short course/CPD included in the University’s HEBCIS (Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey) return generate HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Fund) income.  Ambitious targets for an increase in commercial income and our position in the HEBCI league table have been set in the draft Corporate Plan and your support of this is much appreciated.

Types of activity which fall into this category include consultancy, acting as an expert witness and the hiring out of specialist equipment or facilities.  If you are considering undertaking work of this type with a third party, outside a research agreement, then please contact Sue Johnson in RIN who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate way to proceed.

RIN Consultancy Guide