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Please be reminded that all goods and services should be purchased through the UBW finance system by the issue of a Purchase Order that is sent to the Supplier PRIOR to receipt of the invoice. The process applies to items purchased from School budgets or research grants.

Guidance on the processes and procedures to be followed is available at the following links:-

Payment of invoices is the responsibility of the FMH Faculty Finance office and any invoices received should be forwarded there as soon as possible so that payment can be made in a timely manner. However, before sending please ensure the relevant Purchase Order exists on UBW system for the invoice to be matched against. If in doubt, please speak to MED Reception or your Local Support contact.

The Faculty Finance Team The Faculty Finance Team

The Finance Office is located in the Centrum building.
Sarah Walker manages the research grant-related finance. She also sends all School budget holders a summary of the current financial state monthly.

Sally Bailey Senior Finance Administrator
Sue Fincham Administrative Assistant
Sadie Jones Undergraduate Medical Tariff Reporting Administrator
Helen Latham Faculty Management Accountant
Maxine Molloy Administrative Assistant
Emma Hunt Administrative Assistant
Sarah Walker Finance Administrator