Continually investing in cycle parking Continually investing in cycle parking

The University has invested over £600,000 to improve cycling facilities. We hope this on-going programme will help encourage yet more cyclists. 

New cycle parking

  • We have purchased 6 racks to provide 60 more places to park bikes. 
  • As part of the Julian Study Centre project a "Secured by Design" cycle shelter will be installed to provide secure, covered parking for up to 60 bikes.
  • A further project for cycle parking for around 40 bikes has achieved planning consent. This new area will be created between Lawrence Stenhouse and Queens.

Where can I park my bike?

Cycle parking is provided across campus for which you will need to register (see form below):

  • Standard cycle parking -  various locations including University Village, Queens Building, Blackdale and Congregation Hall
  • Covered cycle parking - various locations including INTO, Edith Cavell and Norfolk and Suffolk Terraces. 
  • Secure covered cycle parking - available at various locations including Colman House, ZICER and the Music Centre.

See map for all cycle parking locations and spaces

Applying for cycle parking Applying for cycle parking

Cycle parking is managed by the University's Security Service who are able to offer advice as to how to prevent theft of your cycle and accessories. If you would like to park your bike in a secure locked compound please complete the form below.

If you have an allocated space and you no longer require it please email so we ca re-allocate this space.

Terms and Conditions 

To request a free space in a locked cycle compound on campus, read the terms and conditions before submitting the form below:

  • Locked cycle parking does not mean secure. Individuals park cycles at their own risk.
  • The UEA does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to cycles parked, whether in locked or unlocked facilities.
  • Space in facilities will be offered on a strictly first come first served basis. Every effort will be made to ensure staff and students benefit from locked facilities. 
  • To ensure the highest levels of occupancy, the number of users will fractionally exceed the number of spaces. You are not, therefore, guaranteed a cycle space. 
  • Entry to locked cycle sheds will require the code to a combination lock. To avoid un-authorised use, users are asked not to disclose the code to others. Breach of this requirement may result in the facility being withdrawn. 
  • Please inform the Security Lodge if you no longer require your space - 
  • When demand for locked cycle spaces exceeds demand, applicants will be placed on a waiting list. If you no longer wish to be included on the waiting list, please inform the Security Lodge - 
  • Cycles which appear to have been abandoned will be removed and kept for a period of no more than two months. If unclaimed, the UEA will dispose of the cycle as it sees fit. 
  • Some of the Colman House cycle compounds will be used for summer storage with effect from May of each year until 1 October. Users of the compounds affected will be notified in advance by Security.  Application for summer storage should be made to the Security Lodge. Cycles should not be permanently stored in any other compounds over the summer or they will be removed. 
  • Access codes will be changed on 1 August each year and you must apply during July of each year for the new code. 

Cycle parking space request form Cycle parking space request form

Locked Cycle Compound Form

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and by submitting this form agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated.

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