Cleaning services for UEA buildings Cleaning services for UEA buildings

An experienced team consisting of 5 Cleaning Coordinators (including during the evenings) and Cleaning Supervisors in each building who manage the cleaning teams on a day-to-day basis.

What services do we provide?

  • Please note: for emergency reactive cleaning please call the Estates Helpdesk on extension: 2121

Who is my cleaning contact?

Your building will have its own cleaning contact, see below the associated staff for your building.

Academic Cleaning Manager Academic Cleaning Manager

Tom Bohan - Academic Cleaning Manager

Academic Cleaning Manager: Tom Bohan

phoneExtension: 2623

Blue Group Blue Group

Andrew Bushell, Cleaning coordinator for Blue Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Andrew Bushell
phone Extension: 2359
phone Mobile: 07767655247

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Valerie Roberts Biology & BMRC 07717 483693
Carley Edwards Sciences 07717 484260
Rene Brickley Chemistry & ITCS 07766 368133

Green Group Green Group

John Sharp, cleaning coordinator for Green Group

Cleaning Coordinator: John Sharp

extension Extension: 2360
mobile Mobile: 07500 814058

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Shirley Moore Elizabeth Fry & Queens 07881 264496
Brenda Presley Julian Study Centre & MED 07880 786737
Cherie Howard SCVA, Colney Pavillion & Mobile 1 07717 484950

Yellow Group Yellow Group

Luiginio Velez, cleaning coordinator for YEllow Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Luiginio Velez
extension Extension: 1492
mobile Mobile: 07881 264495

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Michael Bland Thomas Paine & Lawrence Stenhouse 07766 367375
Tina Brown Arts 07917 158690
Liz Clarke Enterprise Centre, Earlham Hall & Blackdale 07717 483369

Red Group Red Group

Joanne Woodrow, cleaning coordinator for Red Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Joanne Woodrow
extension Extension: 1306
mobile Mobile: 07500 814050

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Louisa Forbes Library and Lectures Theatres 07500 814059
Steve Murrell Registry, CH, Drama & Student Support 07917 158108
Lorraine Topley Union House 07500 950659

Evenings Evenings

Luis Guimares

Cleaning Coordinator: Luis Guimaraes
mobile Mobile: 07764 162717

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Helen Sharp ZICER, Hubert Lamb Building and Estates 07825 734554
Celia Pond Nursery & Laundrette 07825 720655
Martin Marko Catering, Library, Security Lodge & Ziggy's 07768 068202
Shirley Moore Mobile Team 2 07881 264496

Contact the Helpdesk Contact the Helpdesk

Estates Helpdesk: 01603 59 2121

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