Cleaning services for UEA buildings Cleaning services for UEA buildings

An experienced team consisting of 5 Cleaning Coordinators (including during the evenings) and Cleaning Supervisors in each building who manage the cleaning teams on a day-to-day basis.

What services do we provide?

  • Please note: for emergency reactive cleaning please call the Estates Helpdesk on extension: 2121

Who is my cleaning contact?

Your building will have its own cleaning contact, see below the associated staff for your building.

Academic Cleaning Manager Academic Cleaning Manager

Tom Bohan - Academic Cleaning Manager

Academic Cleaning Manager: Tom Bohan

phoneExtension: 2623

Blue Group Blue Group

Andrew Bushell, Cleaning coordinator for Blue Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Andrew Bushell
phone Extension: 2359
phone Mobile: 07767655247

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Anouska Briggs Biology & BMRC 07717 483693
Carley Edwards Sciences 07717 484260
Rene Brickley Chemistry & ITCS 07766 368133

Green Group Green Group

John Sharp, cleaning coordinator for Green Group

Cleaning Coordinator: John Sharp

extension Extension: 2360
mobile Mobile: 07500 814058

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Ryan Clark Elizabeth Fry & Queens TBA
Brenda Presley Julian Study Centre & MED 07880 786737
Cherie Howard SCVA, Colney Pavillion & Mobile 1 07717 484950

Yellow Group Yellow Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Joanne Woodrow
extension Extension: 1492
mobile Mobile: 07881 264495

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Michael Bland Thomas Paine & Lawrence Stenhouse 07766 367375
Tina Brown Arts 07917 158690
Liz Clarke Enterprise Centre, Earlham Hall & Blackdale 07717 483369

Red Group Red Group

Cleaning Coordinator: Shirley Moore
extension Extension: 1306
mobile Mobile: 07500 814050

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Martin Lippiatt Library and Lectures Theatres 07500 814059
Steve Murrell Registry, CH, Drama & Student Support 07917 158108
Lorraine Topley Union House 07500 950659

Evenings Evenings

Luis Guimares

Cleaning Coordinator: Luis Guimaraes
mobile Mobile: 07764 162717

Cleaning Supervisor Areas covered Mobile
Helen Sharp ZICER, Hubert Lamb Building and Estates 07825 734554
Celia Pond Nursery & Laundrette 07825 720655
  Catering, Library, Security Lodge & Ziggy's 07768 068202
Shirley Moore Mobile Team 2 07881 264496

Weekend Cleaning Weekend Cleaning


Cleaning Coordinator

Areas Covered Mobile
Debbie Jones Library, Union House, Broadview Lodge and mobile cleaning. 07917 172373

Contact the Helpdesk Contact the Helpdesk

Estates Helpdesk: 01603 59 2121

Email the Estates Helpdesk

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