Park and Ride FAQs Park and Ride FAQs

Will the Airport Park and Ride service run directly to UEA or will you need to change bus?

At peak times you will not need to change bus if you use the 501 service from the Airport Park and Ride to UEA.

However, as part of the journey the 501 service will set down and pick up at Norwich Bus Station.

This means that those using other Park and Ride services can benefit from the faster, improved 501 service to UEA, alongside the Konect Services 3 and 4.

Can I use other Park and Ride services to travel to UEA via the Bus Station?

Yes, you are able to use other Park and Ride services (such as Postwick, Harford and Sprowston) to travel to the Bus Station and then onto UEA.

This is a paid service but you are able to purchase the Annual Park and Ride ticket from the UEA Transport team at a greatly reduced price.

The Park and Ride ticket will allow free travel via the 501, 3 or 4 services to UEA from the Bus Station.

Why are the new Park and Ride options not free to use?

The Costessey Park and Ride service was initially not introduced as a free service. However, following uptake from staff and students in the service, UEA was able to subsidise the service once the service was considered sustainable.

The new Park and Ride services unlock the north and east of Norwich for faster travel to and from UEA, answering the long requested need for more Park and Ride provision to the University.

It is hoped that uptake in the new options from staff and students will ensure viability for these services and allow for a similar situation in the future.

How much will it cost to use Park and Ride services to reach UEA?

Use of Park and Ride services from the following locations costs £3.70 per day:

·         Airport

·         Sprowston

·         Postwick

·         Harford

·         Thickthorn

A valid Park and Ride ticket will enable travel to UEA from Norwich Bus Station via the 501, 3 and 4 Konect services.

How much will it cost for an Annual Park and Ride ticket?

An annual ticket normally costs £550. However UEA staff are able to purchase a limited number of discounted tickets at a price of £440.

This means a discount of 20% and a saving of £110 off the price of an annual ticket.

How do I pay for an Annual Park and Ride ticket?

Once you have selected the ticket type, you can pay monthly or annually.

If you select monthly, this will be via direct debit (there is an admin charge for this service).

How do I get my Annual Park and Ride ticket?

Once purchase of your ticket has been confirmed by the Transport Team via email, you will receive your e-ticket on your East Anglia Buses app within 1-2 working days (please be aware that during busy periods this could take up to 5 working days).

What number bus do I get on for the Airport Park and Ride?

Airport Park and Ride

If travelling from Airport Park and Ride to UEA, take the Konect 501 service (via Norwich Bus Station)

Konect 3

If travelling to Norwich from Watton, take the Konect 3 service to Bus Station (via UEA and NNUH)

If travelling to Watton from Norwich, take the 3 service from Bus Station (via UEA and NNUH)

Konect 4

If travelling to Norwich from Dereham, take the Konect 4 service to Bus Station (via UEA and NNUH)

From Bus Station to Airport Park and Ride, the 4 changes to 501 service on selected journeys.

If travelling to Dereham from Norwich, take the 4 service from bus station (via UEA and NNUH)

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions


1.1.    An ID photo is required for Cityzone and Anywhere tickets.

1.2.    All tickets are valid from the date of issue until the expiry date on the ticket.

1.3.    Tickets can be used for unlimited travel on any day during the validity period, within the specified ticket type boundaries.

1.4.    On receipt of your ticket, you must check that your ticket details are all correct.  If your ticket details are incorrect in any way, please contact UEA Transport immediately.

1.5.    Only the person identified is permitted to use the ticket.


2.1.    Payment for tickets is to be made in full or on a monthly instalment basis, to UEA Transport only. No payments are to be made to Konectbus direct.

2.2.    For all non-instalment ticket options, the price specified must be paid in full before the tickets are issued.


3.1.    There is no option available to cancel a ticket.  However, tickets are transferrable.


4.1.    All ticket transfers must take place via the UEA Transport team.  

4.2.    If the ticket is transferred, or any attempt is made to be transfer the ticket without notifying the UEA Transport team, we have the right to confiscate the ticket. Both you and the person to whom the ticket was transferred or attempted to be transferred to may be liable to prosecution.

4.3.    If a tickets is transferred to another person, the person to whom the ticket is transferred agrees to take responsibility for payment of any remaining full calendar months.


5.1.    In the event of an Annual ticket being transferred, a refund will be provided to the original ticket holder for any remaining full calendar months only.  

5.2.    Annual ticket holders who leave part way through a calendar month will be only be refunded for any remaining full months.

5.3.    No refund is applicable to ticket holders on monthly instalments.

Keeping the ticket safe

6.1    The purchaser is entirely responsible for the safe keeping of their ticket and the UEA and Konectbus take no responsibility whatsoever for lost, stolen and defaced tickets.

Replacement tickets

7.1.    Should the season ticket be lost, stolen or defaced, you must notify UEA Transport immediately.
7.2.    Whilst you are not automatically entitled to a duplicate ticket, we may issue a duplicate ticket for the remaining period of the lost, stolen or defaced ticket (subject to any administration and handling fees).

7.3.    If a lost or stolen ticket is subsequently found, you must return the duplicate ticket to UEA Transport immediately.

7.4.    No refunds will be offered for lost or stolen tickets without a Police crime number

7.5.    Replacement of lost, stolen or defaced passes will incur an admin charged of £10.

Fraudulent use

8.1.    The UEA have the right to pursue a prosecution or other appropriate action against any individual(s) fraudulent use of tickets issued under this scheme.