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The Park & Ride service is key to the success of the University’s Travel Plan and it is vital the service delivers the quality of service we have come to expect.

The University and Konect acknowledge that the Park & Ride service from Costessey has recently been less reliable partly due to the roadworks on the B1108 and the additional works on Chapel Break (the diversionary route).  In addition there have been issues with bus breakdowns partly due to the arrival of buses from London which have not performed as expected.  

We have received reassurances from Konect that the engineering issues are being addressed and reliability should now be much improved.  Alongside this Konect have undertaken a major recruitment and training programme to enable them to respond more quickly where a driver is unexpectedly unable to complete their shift.

The issues created by the roadworks on the B1108 are not something that can be mitigated by Konect; a more realistic timetable has been introduced but this has failed to deliver particularly in the evening peak.  Therefore following talks with Konect we have taken the decision to move the service from Costessey to Thickthorn Park & Ride site from Wednesday 16 May for the duration of the roadworks.  The service will operate a circular route leaving Thickthorn from the stop at the bottom of the site (this will be clearly marked) entering the University from Bluebell Rd setting down/picking up at the current bus stop,  exiting onto Earlham Rd, along Colney Lane and out onto the A11. The original timetable will be reinstated. There are many benefits to this move:

  • The distance between Thickthorn and UEA is shorter and this should therefore allow the original timetable to be reinstate
  • Colleagues working or studying in Centrum, Edith Cavell and Bob Champion will have an opportunity to use this free service as stops along Colney Lane can be served
  • The route is less congested which should help with timekeeping
  • If a bus does breakdown or a driver is taken ill, a replacement bus or driver can reach Thickthorn more quickly

Whilst the University has always sought to use Thickthorn capacity only exists at this time because of there is a natural reduction in demand as the schools and the University move into a quieter period.

Konect have asked the University to once again pass on their apologies for any inconvenience caused by the unreliability of the buses and to reassure passengers that they are committed to providing the University with the very best service possible.

Park and Ride Konect Bus Service 511 is the Univeristy's free to use alternative to bringing a car to campus. 

The service will operate Monday to Friday, throughout the year (with exception of Bank & Public Holidays and UEA Concessionary Days).  The overall frequency is  15 minutes. (during the morning timings are adjusted due to traffic conditions and thus will operate at a 20 minute frequency and at off peak) Travel time to the main campus is around 20 minutes during the morning peak (07.20 - 09.00) and just 10 - 15 minutes at all other times.  The service will use a combination of "bendy bus" with some 147 places available and a standard double decker.  

The service is available for travel to the main campus and will set down/pick up at the "Registry Stop". The bus can pick up and set down at any stop on route including the stops adjacent to the Enterprise Centre, those located near to BUPA traffic lights B1108 and Colney Lane.

Visit the Costessey Park and Ride service 511 page for timetable information.


Tickets and charges

Parking and return travel is free of charge and is available to staff, students and visitors.  There is no need to show a campus card or other ID. 


Travelling to the Edith Cavell Building Travelling to the Edith Cavell Building

The Costessey Park & Ride Konect Bus Service 510 serves the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital every 30 minutes and is suitable for those traveling to the Edith Cavell Building. This service is provided by the NNUH and UEA staff and students are required to pay £1.00 to use the service.

Visit the Costessey Park and Ride Service 510 page for timetable information.

Costessey Park and Ride → NNUH
First bus departs Costessey Park and Ride 7.10am (Mon-Fri)
Last bus departs Costessey Park and Ride 3.55pm (Mon-Fri)
NNUH → Costessey Park and Ride
First bus departs NNUH 9.25am (Mon-Fri)
Last bus departs NNUH 6.10pm (Mon-Fri)

Need help? Need help?

Travel and Transport team

  • Telephone: 01603 592353 (Transport Administrator) or for urgent matters out of hours contact Security 01603 592352

  • Email: transport@uea.ac.uk

  • Location: The Lodge

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