Save costs and the planet with UEA SmartShare Save costs and the planet with UEA SmartShare

Our SmartShare scheme aims to match drivers with similar journeys and encourage them to share their journey – benefiting the environment, reducing traffic and helping with motoring costs. The scheme is explicitly for those that would drive a car each rather than for those who might offer a lift to someone that would ordinarliy use another mode.

We use an innovative car sharing database, developed by Liftshare specifically for everyone at UEA to help match drivers with similar journeys. It's free and easy to use - once you have registered you can search for those with a similar journey pattern to you.

Groups of drivers can then join our Smartshare scheme to benefit from priority parking (reserved spaces until 09.30 am) and a guaranteed ‘get-you-home' service.

Am I eligible?

You need to find at least one other driver to share at least 80% of journeys. Drivers must not be:

  • from the same address with only one car (teams containing members from the same address with multiple vehicles are eligable)
  • from addresses within 5km of the University
  • from addresses where a more sustainable means of travel is available (this may include park & ride)

How do I join?

To join please download and complete the SmartShare Scheme Registration Form or pick up an application form from the Lodge.  Students and other non-UEA applicants should also download and complete the Direct Debit Form and student applicants will also be required to provide proof of residence.

How do I pay?

Each SmartShare member will be registered individually to pay his or her charges. It is then up to the group to determine how the cost of parking will be apportioned. For example, groups may wish to:

  • alternate between campus (swipe) cards in the same way as you alternate between vehicles, taking it in turns to pay
  • determine the fees for a period of time (e.g. a month) and divide this amongst the group

Terms & conditions

  • Applicants must first register with UEA Liftshare. By signing up and creating a profile you can match with suitable car sharers. Even if you already have your carshare group, registering with Liftshare could help you match in the future, allow others to request to join your group and updates our data on how many UEA commuters are car sharing and what the overall cost and CO2 savings are.
  • A car pool is defined as having at least two, University based, car-driving members. If membership of the car pool is less than two drivers, the entitlement to a SmartShare permit is withdrawn.
  • Members of car pools may only hold SmartShare permits, which will last for twelve months from the date of issue. Permit holders will be required to renew their permits every twelve months by application to the Travel and Transport department. 
  • The Travel and Transport department should be notified of any changes to registered vehicles.
  • It is expected that the car pool members will travel together and that instances of individual use will be kept to a minimum. Where individual travel exceeds 20% of recorded journeys on a regular basis the permit may be revoked.

  • Drivers must abide by the University's Terms and Conditions for Access and Parking at all times and any permit holder deemed to be breaching a vehicle regulation risks their permit being revoked. In accordance to this, any warning or infringment issued by the Travel and Transport Department will be recorded against all accounts registered to the offending vehicle.

Need help? Need help?

Travel and Transport team

  • Telephone: 01603 592353 (Transport Administrator) or for urgent matters out of hours contact Security 01603 592352

  • Email:

  • Location: The Lodge

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