Issuing visitor parking permits Issuing visitor parking permits

Schools and units can purchase Visitor Parking Permits in the form of one-day scratch cards for issuing to their visitors. There are two types of scratch card:

Unrestricted - £5 per scratch card
Allows parking at any time throughout the day, for an unrestricted length of time.

Restricted - £2 per scratch card
Allows parking from 1.30 pm onwards, for events which start at 2pm or later.

How to purchase

Visitor Parking Permits may be purchased in books of 10 from the Travel & Transport Team located in The Lodge. Please email your request to

Issue method Guidance
Leave for collection at the Lodge (up to 5 guests only): Please place scratch card(s) in a clearly marked envelope stating:
  • who the scratch card is for
  • date of visit
  • who to return to if not collected
Issue to visitor on arrival: If you intend to issue your visitor with their permit when they arrive with you please ensure they return to their vehicle to display the permit.
Send to visitor prior to their arrival: Please ensure visitor is aware of how to use the permit and where they may park.

Any unused cards can be returned for re-use by the issuing School or Unit as scratch cards only become valid once the visitor has entered their details.

Guidance on use

To validate permits visitors must complete their vehicle registration number and scratch off the date.

Main car park:
Visitors take a token on entry to the car park. At the end of their stay visitors should present their token and permit at the Security Lodge before returning to their vehicle.

Other car parks:
Visitors should clearly display permits in their vehicle.

Need help? Need help?

Travel and Transport team

  • Telephone: 01603 592353 (Transport Administrator) or for urgent matters out of hours contact Security 01603 592352

  • Email:

  • Location: The Lodge

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