Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

To request use of a locker in the Zicer locked cycle compound on campus, please first read the following terms and conditions before completing and submitting the form below.

Employees and students who register to use the lockers should observe the following terms and conditions:

  1. Locker users must already be registered users of the Zicer locked cycle compound.
  2. The lockers are individually numbered and you will be informed of which locker to use at the time of registering.
  3. It is the responsibility of the user to provide a padlock to secure the property held within a locker.
  4. The locker must be used on a regular basis (at least two days a week on average, throughout the year). If you find you are not using the locker regularly please advise UEA Security so that someone else can make use of the facility.
  5. Only bicycle accessories and clothing may be stored in the bike locker.
  6. Do not write, apply stickers or otherwise ‘decorate’ the inside or outside of the locker.
  7. Any belongings left in a locker at the end of the academic year, midnight on 31st July, may be removed by Security, treated as Lost property and dealt with as such.
  8. If you find that your locker has been tampered with in any way please report it immediately by contacting the Security Lodge on 01603 59 2352.
  9. The University of East Anglia will not be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any items held within a locker or to the padlock securing the locker.
  10. Failure to observe the above terms and conditions may result in you being asked to vacate your locker. UEA Security reserve the right, in circumstances of extreme violation of these terms and conditions, to remove the padlock and contents of your locker at your expense.
ZICER Cyclist Locker Application Form
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Data Protection Act 1998: The Data Controller is the University of East Anglia. The details on this form will only be used for the purpose of contacting you regarding your application for the use of a cyclist locker and for statistical purposes. The University does not sell or otherwise transfer personal data to any third parties with consent, or, unless required by law.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and by submitting this form agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated.