Lock it, don't lose it! Lock it, don't lose it!

Designated cycle parking places where you can secure your bike safely are in good supply on campus. Security accessories are also available to purchase from Dr Bike, our on campus cycle repair centre and The Lodge.

Choosing the right lock

Although the numbers of bikes being stolen from UEA are small and decreasing, the majority of bikes stolen on campus have been locked with chains or combination locks – easy for thieves to cut through with bolt croppers. A 'D Lock' (as pictured) is a much more secure option.

Make sure that your D-Lock passes through the rear wheel, the frame and then around the secure object to which you are locking your cycle. Then, if possible, use a second lock to secure the front wheel to a secure immovable object or to the rear wheel and frame.

Forgotten your lock?

Come and see us at The Lodge as we may be able to arrange for temporary bike storage or a loan lock. Out of hours, we have a small number of 'loan locks', which can be borrowed for short periods of time.  You must park your cycle outside the Lodge when using a loan lock.

Tops tips for keeping your cycle secure

  • Make sure you have a good lock; D locks are your best option.
  • Make sure you lock your bike to a secure metal cycle parking stand – not walk-way handrails or trees
  • Remove quick release wheels and lock them to the frame or back wheel
  • Take off any removable parts (lights, quick release wheels/saddles etc).
  • Where possible, lock the bike in view of CCTV.
  • Use one of the University's free Locked Cycle Compounds or Summer Cycle Storage.
  • Property mark and register your bike on the Immobilise Database.

Need help? Need help?

Travel and Transport team

  • Telephone: 01603 592353 (Transport Administrator) or for urgent matters out of hours contact Security 01603 592352

  • Email: transport@uea.ac.uk

  • Location: The Lodge

Did you know? Did you know?

Over 100,000 bikes were stolen across the UK last year but less than 5% were returned because Police were unable to trace the owner.

Mark your property

Register the ownership details of your bike and make them viewable to Police nationwide FREE for life on the Immobilise Property Register. It only takes a minute and it is free of charge. All you need is your bikes make, model, frame and other identifying numbers.