Post Room Services Post Room Services

Following the updated Government announcement on the evening of Sunday 10 May 2020 with regards to measures in response to COVID-19 we have taken the decision to maintain the closure of the post room collection point for student mail and parcel collections 

This decision has been made with aims of protecting our team and those receiving our service by minimising the risks of person to person contact between others and themselves.  

We also aim to reduce non-essential travel to and from the workplace whilst maintaining a service during these challenging circumstances. 

During this period our team are committed to providing the services outlined below; 

  • Our team can make deliveries of parcels for students to the addressee if they are a student currently living on campus. We aim to make deliveries within an appropriate timeframe. A delivery can be arranged by replying to your email notification from       

  • Our team are able to provide advice and support in sending on mail and parcels for students who have left campus accommodation by request .to; please note for many items there will be a requirement for online postage to be brought to cover postage costs. 

  • Our team are able to check for non-tracked mail (letters) by request to

  • Business services to include mail deliveries and collections are currently suspended except by arrangement – this does not include deliveries by supermarkets/take aways to student residents .

  • For any concerns regarding Business mail or services which are essential please contact 

  • All other mail and parcels address for the University business or student residents will be retained indefinitely in the post room until further notice. .

  • Currently the portering service isn’t available.

Sorting 1000's of letters and parcels everyday Sorting 1000's of letters and parcels everyday

From Thursday 18 March Estates will be operating a reduced University Postal Service. Please see above for details.

  • To collect mail from the Postroom counter you will need a UEA Campus card, driving license of passport
  • Mail and parcels are retained for 14 days. If at this point it is uncollected it will be returned to sender.
  • All mail is stored by flat number, so please ensure that anyone sending you mail uses the full address details of your residence (details below).
  • If a parcel is received at the post room for a student living in residences, an automated email will be sent to the addressee. Please allow 60 minutes from receiving the email to collecting the parcel.
  • You can to appoint someone else to collect mail on your behalf by sending an email request to (please note the person collecting on your behalf must also present their own student card on collection).
  • For online orders please ensure that you edit your full residential address into the website. If just entering the University postcode a generic UEA address will be generated, this will result in your parcel arriving insufficiently addressed and will delay the processing of the item through the system.
  • Trollies will be loaned for the transportation of large items to residences upon receipt of a non-cash deposit.

Your Campus Address Your Campus Address

It is essential you use the following postal address so there is no delay / you do not receive your parcel or letter:

[Full Name]

[Campus Card Number]
[Residence - e.g. Nelson Court, Norfolk Terrace, Colman House]
[Block number*, Flat number and room number/letter - e.g. Suffolk Terrace Block B 0409]
University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ


(*if Norfolk or Suffolk Terrace)

Students Living In The Village (except Village Close) Students Living In The Village (except Village Close)

[Full Name]

[Campus Card Number]
[Residence block - e.g. Courtyard A, Yew House]
[Flat number and room letter - e.g. Flat 01 C]
University Village
University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ

Please note that while NR4 7TJ is the correct post code for addressing mail so that it will reach the Post Room, if you live in the University Village and need to use the post code to identify your address for official purposes (for example, to deal with TV licensing), you should quote the post code NR4 7TL.

NB: Students living in Village Close houses should use the address provided below.

Residents in Village Close Residents in Village Close

Address for students living at Village Close

[Full Name]

[Campus Card Number]

(Flat/House No.) Wilberforce Road
University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia Norwich NR5 8NA

Please note mail for Village Close will be delivered directly by Royal Mail and couriers to the address.

Post Office in Student Union Shop Post Office in Student Union Shop

There is a Post Office on campus, this is located in The Shop. Standard opening hours during term time:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5.30pm.  
Sat: 9am - 1.30pm.

Post Office Post Office

The post room is located under the Arts Building.

Monday to Friday: 10:00am - 16:30pm

Saturday 10:30am - 12:30pm (term time only)

Contact the Post Room