FAQs for The Sky House FAQs for The Sky House

Why is The Sky House being built?

The Sky House will provide learning and teaching space for our staff and students currently housed in the Arts building and unlock the Grade II-listed Lasdun Wall for its refurbishment.

The building itself will accommodate growth in the Social Sciences and Humanities faculties, alongside further teaching and seminar spaces, as well as provide Faculty and School offices.

The Sky House will also house new drama studios, rehearsal facilities, screening room and language labs.

It will also act as a gateway for visitors to the UEA campus, with the proposed location adjacent to the Lasdun Wall and Founder’s Green well positioned to welcome staff, students and visitors to the University.

Where is The Sky house being built?

The Sky House will be situated adjacent to the Lasdun Wall and Registry.

Please note some details are subject to change.

Why is The Sky House being built now?

The construction of The Sky House will allow us to undertake the redevelopment of the Lasdun Wall and deliver on our commitment to the UEA 2030 Vision.

The intensive programme of infrastructure work necessary for The Sky House will allow for the mapping and re-routing of vital services which will enable the refit of the Lasdun Wall and future projects.

What will The Sky House look like?

The Sky House will have two atria and will be seven storeys at its highest point. The building will incorporate lots of natural light in its design and include a colonnade adjacent to Founder’s Green.

Please note the below images are artists impressions of The Sky House.

The building will also include a colonnade adjacent to Founders Green.

How big will The Sky House be?

The building will approximately be 16,000 square metres and seven storeys tall at its highest point.

Why is the building name The Sky House?

The Sky House is the working name for the building while construction work is ongoing. The building will be formally named at a later date.

‘Sky’ is derived from John Betjeman’s reflections on our region and Norfolk’s ‘wide East Anglian sky.’

Beyond its creative roots ‘wide sky’ has connotations of openness, open-mindedness, limitless opportunity, breadth, light, nature, freshness and wellbeing which can be reflected in our design


What schools and departments will occupy the building?

  • Arts and Humanities including HUM faculty offices, AMA, School of History, IIH, LDC and PPL.
  • Social Sciences including EDU and SWK
  • Learning and Teaching Services including the Arts Hub
  • International Programmes, Exchange Partnerships and Study Abroad
  • Graduate School

The building will also provide general learning and teaching spaces, a screening room, reception point and café facilities.


When will work on The Sky House start and finish?

The infrastructure works required to enable construction will commence Summer 2019.

These works will include:

  • changing the road layout around the site
  • removing circa 300car park spaces in the main car park
  • changing the main car park entrance layouts
  • relocating the cycle parking currently next to Founder's Green
  • removing circa 85 trees from the site and replanting trees elsewhere
  • relocating footpaths and bus stops
  • demolishing the Lodge
  • putting in new services including electricity, heating, water, and data  

Construction on The Sky House building itself will begin in April 2020 with a targeted completion date of May 2022.

How much will it cost?

Circa £65million.

Will the building be sustainable?

Sustainability is a core value of UEA and is part of the DNA of the University and The Sky House will build upon the recent heritage of sustainable buildings on campus.

The Sky House will also comply with the sustainable guidelines set out in the Building Design Guide.

Will the building be accessible?

The Access All Areas Group will be consulted on the design at the appropriate stage of the process and throughout the project, however the Project Team will be working to the UEA Building Design Guide to ensure it meets all accessibility requirements.

Who should I contact for further questions?

If you have a question which is not answered within the sections of our Frequently Asked Questions please contact Estates.Listening2u@uea.ac.uk