FAQs for construction FAQs for construction

When will work on The Sky House start and finish?

The infrastructure works required to enable construction will commence Summer 2019. These works will include:

  • changing the road layout around the site
  • removing circa 300 car park spaces in the main car park
  • changing the main car park entrance layouts
  • relocating the cycle parking currently next to Founder's Green
  • removing circa 85 trees from the site and replanting trees elsewhere
  • relocating footpaths and bus stops
  • demolishing the Lodge
  • putting in new services including electricity, heating, water, and data  

Construction on The Sky House building itself will begin in April 2020 with a targeted completion date of May 2022.

Will any existing buildings be knocked down?

The enabling infrastructure project however will require the existing Security Lodge to be demolished, with the services it provides (temporarily) relocated to the Registry.

The Sky House itself will be built in a location that will not require the demolishment of any existing buildings.


What kind of services could be disrupted?

Significant alterations to the existing road network and car park will be necessary to carry out these works.

Heating, electricity cabling and data cabling services are all located near the site of The Sky House and it is possible that these may also be affected for short periods during construction works.

These disruptions will be minimised as far as possible and will be communicated accordingly in advance.


Will there be alterations to the road?

A new road will be built across part of the Main Car Park and alterations will be made to the top of Chancellors Drive, including changes to the roundabout.

There will be temporary alterations to the road network as the different stages of work progress. This new road will welcome students, staff and visitors alike to The Sky House and the UEA when complete.

Pedestrian walkways and accessibility routes will be changed throughout the course of the project.

Why are you removing trees as part of the works?

Around 85 existing trees sit within the footprint of the site and will be removed as part of the works. Between 2 to 4 trees will be planted for every tree that is removed.

The UEA takes reducing our impact on the environment very seriously, reflected in our commitment to the Biodiversity and Landscape Management Plan.

Will it be noisy?

There will inevitably be construction noise in close proximity to existing buildings and the University will be engaging with those directly affected in advance of the works starting.

Throughout the project updates will be provided and if particularly noisy or disruptive activities are planned advance notice will be given.

Who should I contact for further questions?

If you have a question which is not answered within the sections of our Frequently Asked Questions please contact Estates.Listening2u@uea.ac.uk