FAQs for Cyclists FAQs for Cyclists

How will the Sky House affect my journey to and from UEA?

The existing cycle shelters by the Registry and Founder's Green will be replaced with new cycle shelters by Congregation Hall, providing capacity of 300-500 bikes. These cycle shelters will be in place before the construction of the Sky House begins.

There will also be a new secure cycle compound created opposite The Sky House.

How will the Pink Pedalway Cycling Route be preserved?

Alterations to University Drive and Chancellors Drive, informed by the Movement Strategy, will preserve the Pink Pedalway, which provides a route from central Norwich to the Norwich Research Park.

Cow Drive will remain unaffected during the works for the majority of works.

A tiger crossing – combining a pedestrian zebra crossing with a crossing for bikes – will be placed across University Drive to enable a pedestrians and cycling route down Chancellors Drive.

Who should I contact for further questions?

If you have a question which is not answered within the sections of our Frequently Asked Questions please contact Estates.Listening2u@uea.ac.uk