FAQs for Car Users FAQs for Car Users

How will the Sky House affect my journey to and from UEA?

The Main Car Park will lose approximately 300 car parking spaces as part of the revised UEA Travel Plan agreed by the University in 2017.

There are a host of sustainable alternatives to consider, including the free to use Costessey Park & Ride service 511. Please see our Parking Map for more.

Why are car park spaces being taken away?

The re-routing of University Drive and building of a new road requires the remodelling of the Main Car Park.

The University has already taken steps to address unsustainable reliance on single occupancy car journeys to the UEA.

The Main Car Park will lose 260 car parking spaces as agreed by the University in the revised UEA Travel Plan in 2017.


Does this mean that I won’t have anywhere to park?

The UEA campus currently has enough parking spaces to ensure capacity for all current car users regardless of this reduction of spaces in the Main Car Park.

However, this reduction in overall number of spaces may mean the car parks on campus fill up more quickly.

Therefore, car users are advised to allow extra time for their journeys as it may take longer to find a space and you may need to factor in additional walking time from your vehicle to your place of work.

What schemes are UEA putting forward to mitigate the loss of car parking spaces?

Since 2002, a University Travel Plan (most recently updated in 2016) has been in place with the express aim of reducing single occupancy journeys to the campus and encouraging the use of sustainable alternatives.

You can also share your commute to campus, either by car, bike or walking, using our dedicated Liftshare site or use the MyPTP service to create a personal travel plan, which will provide you with information such as calories burned and money saved for each variation of your journey.

In addition, the University has just negotiated two new Park and Ride options with Konect Bus and from September 2019 there will be an improved service from Watton and Dereham which will also serve the Newmarket Road.


What are the alternatives to the Main Car Park?

The University's free to use Park & Ride service on the Konect 511 from Costessey Park & Ride has seen a 50% in uptake across staff and students.

From September, the University will also be served by Konect services 3 and 4 from the Sprowston and Airport Park & Rides at peak times and at other times through ticketing (i.e. the Park & Ride ticket valid for other services will enable passengers to use services 3 & 4 to connect with Park & Ride buses).

The Park and Stride at the Triangle Car Park provides 460 car parking spaces and offers car users parking at a reduced rate (£1.50 for a full day, £0.75 for half).

The University Village car park holds 100 car parking spaces and the Blackdale Car Park will also continue to provide 140 spaces for the academic year 2019/2020.

For further information on car parking charges, how to pay and more see the Transport Portal. See here for the Parking Planner.

What are the advantages of the Park and Stride?

Beyond the reduced cost of parking at the Triangle Car Park (£1.50 for a full day, £0.75 for half day), the Park and Stride offers an idyllic walk to the University campus.

This can give you the benefit of unwinding from stressful journeys to and from work, as well as parking.

The car park itself has undergone improvement works and is covered by CCTV. You can find a buddy to walk to and from the car park using Liftshare.

What are you going to do about traffic congestion and car park access?

The entrance to the Main Car Park next to the INTO building will be redesigned to soften increased congestion on the campus roads.

Bus gates will be in use beyond the entrance to the Main Car Park which will admit buses and permit holders. This will stop car users using the University as a cut through and ease congestion.

What are you going to do about disabled parking?

The current number of accessible parking spaces will be preserved, although the works will require those spaces to be relocated within the Main Car Park. The new location for these spaces will meet the needs of users.

Who should I contact for further questions?

If you have a question which is not answered within the sections of our Frequently Asked Questions please contact Estates.Listening2u@uea.ac.uk