Spring Tidy Up 2017 Spring Tidy Up 2017

The 'Spring Tidy Up' was implemented by Estates in a collaborative cross-divisional effort to enhance the use and appearance of existing features on Campus

Over a four week period commencing March 20th and in conjunction with the Easter break, several areas across the Campus were subject to landscaping and enhancement.

Victory House desire line

This saw the provision of new grass and planting alongside new fencing along footpaths to help regenerate the landscape around the Estate.

Desire line around Colman house has been replaced with a pathway that will stop gras erosion.

The creation of new wider paths along popular thoroughfares across Campus - where former desire lines lay between and around buildings causing grass and landscaping to erode - will allow the greenery to return while addressing the changing use of the Estate.

Before and after showing the desire line leading between ITCS building and Norfolk Terrace now replaced by a wider path.

Desire path in front of UEA medical centre hsa been developed into a widened path.

Managing footfall Managing footfall

The provision of knee rails to certain areas comes in tandem with the integration of desire paths into the existing path network of the Campus.

Sometimes a desire path can cause erosion to areas which would be considered undesirable or in ways considered unsustainable and therefore the installation of fencing to manage footfall around the campus is necessary.

Contact us Contact us

For any queries or concerns regarding the Spring Tidy Up the Customer Liaison Team can be contacted via Listening2u


The following areas were worked on:

Grass area ouside INTO








The large grass area outside INTO & The Health Centre

Pathways outside Colman House







Pathways around Colman House & Victory House







Pathway running from Queens Building towards BMRC

Pathway between the Computing Centre and Norfolk Terrace