Our Vision Our Vision

The Estates and Facilities Division shows its commitment to the UEA 2030 Vision through improving our campus facilities and services.

We do this to support our students and staff as they pursue excellence in teaching and research.

A key component of our commitment to the 2030 Vision is to improve the condition of the Lasdun Teaching Wall through the investment of £250M.

Listed in 1990 for its special architectural and historic interest, the Lasdun Teaching Wall requires signifcant redevelopment in terms of addressing its historic maintenance and infrastructure needs.

Unlocking the Lasdun Teaching Wall Unlocking the Lasdun Teaching Wall

To deliver on the refurbishment of the Lasdun Teaching Wall a number of enabling projects and strategies have been undertaken.

Chief amongst these is the construction of a new "decant" building. This building will allow current occupants of the Lasdun Teaching Wall to vacate one department or school at a time, meaning the space they leave behind can be refurbished.

This project is called Skyhouse.