Current works across Campus Current works across Campus


Ground Investigations

Update I 20/08/19 - Starting Thursday and Friday road coring activities will commence requiring a traffic management plan on University Drive.

The below diagram provides a guideline of what traffic managements measures will be in place while works are underway.

Starting Monday 5 August a series of groundwork investigations on the proposed site of The Sky House will commence.

While appointed contractors Harrisons will be on site from Monday 5 August they will mostly be undertaking preparatory works.

As a result, some intermittent but loud noise will be generated weeks commencing 12 August and 19 August.

Please note, work will be halted 15-18 August inclusive for Clearing activities and where necessary for the examination re-assessment period.

These groundwork investigations constitute creating a series of bore holes across the proposed site of the Sky House, including near Founders Green, Main Car Park, Security Lodge and parts of University Drive.

Due to the vibrations in the concrete and road network we would expect some disruption to the Registry and Arts building due to their proximity to the work.

Traffic management will be in place throughout and there will be no closure to University Drive or Chancellors drive for the duration of works.

This is a loud and disruptive activity as percussive instruments and vehicles are used to core through the road and provide samples of the ground material.

Targeted completion dates for the disruptive works is the end of August.