Current works across Campus Current works across Campus


BMRC/BIO Resilience Works

Starting 23 September 2019, improvement works commenced to the Bio Medical Research Centre (BMRC).

The package of work includes upgrades to infrastructure and plant equipment as well as further resilience measure, including:

  • Relocation and upgrade of hot and cold water services in Biology
  • upgrades to the BMRC steam boilers, humidification and ventilation controls
  • Feasibility for re-roofing of BMRC

A significant portion of the works will take place to internal plantrooms, stairwells and corridors within BMRC and Biology.

Steam boiler Replacement - BMRC Access Road

Starting in March 2020, the replacement of BMRC steam boilers within Biology will require the installation of a temporary steam boiler that will be housed in the BMRC access road between BMRC, SCI and LSB.

The following table provides a guideline of the levels of noise disruption likely to effect those in close proximity. Please note, these dates are subject to change.


Start date



Scaffolding installation

Monday 16 March

1 week

General noise for scaffold installation

Mechanical installation

Monday 23 March

3 weeks

Intermittent cutting and grinding noise as pipework installed; significant impact

Temporary boiler install and set up

Monday 13 April

1.5 weeks  

General noise while materials and equipment are set up

Proving period for the above

Monday 20 April

2 weeks

Some intermittent disruption as boiler is proved; after it is there will be constant low-impact noise

Existing boiler removal from BMRC

9-10 & 16-17 May


General noise while materials and equipment are removed



In order to run services and fume dilation away from the temporary steam boiler, a scaffolding tower will be erected starting the week commencing Monday 16 March. This scaffolding tower will be approximately 10ft in height and be level with floor 01.

Once scaffolding is in place the pipework necessary for connecting services will be fabricated and put in position. We expect intermittent noise disruption to surroundings buildings while scaffolding is erected and pipework is fabricated and placed in position.

The temporary steam boiler will arrive week commencing Monday 13 April. Further (noisy) works will be undertaken, including cutting and grinding, in order  to prove the boiler prior to Monday 4 May when we anticipate the steam boiler will be in place.

The steam boiler will emit a constant noise of around decibels (equivalent to a vacuum cleaner) and remain behind an acoustic screen.

We expect that the temporary steam boiler will be in place for a duration of 10-11 weeks.

Anticipated completion for the whole project is September 2020.