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Concrete Repairs 2020

From Monday 22 June works will commence on the next phase of Concrete Repairs.

Since 2003, where it was identified that due to the concrete degradation the concrete structures of UEA were required, a concrete preservation plan has been developed and implemented with works being carried out on walkways from Biology, Sciences and Chemistry.

Work involve (by order of priority:

1.    The walkway in front of Arts, allowing it to be available for September open day if required.
2.    The walkway by Waterstones steps
3.    Waterstones steps themselves

The location and scope of this year's works are illustrated in the below image:

Due to the nature of the preservation works, which involve the 'breaking out' of existing concrete and asphalting, noise/dust and odours are to be expected throughout the duration of the project. This project is likely to cause signification impact to buildings (and occupants) in close proximity.

Anticipated completion is 4 September.