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We alter and improve the built environment for the future needs of the university. This includes all buildings and the infrastructure to support them, excluding IT.

We accept the brief for works with a value greater than £20k. We pull this into a format that becomes a project.

We identify the resources that are needed (financial, human and technical) and we manage the project design and construction stages through to successful conclusion, on behalf of the university.

Developing and improving a stunningly unique campus Developing and improving a stunningly unique campus

Our team are responsible for delivering the University's estate development programme which ranges from relatively small renewal works to long term maintenance projects, refurbishments and large complex new builds.

Every year we continue to make improvements to the UEA campus. Our current works programme continues.

Our innovative work continues to win awards, and we continue to strive to make all our new buildings visually enhance the campus and promote the principles great student experience,and  sustainable design, technology, and operation.

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