Redecoration and Improvement works, being requested and paid for by faculties and departments, must be authorised by Estates & Buildings.

The requests can range from an extra shelf or painting a wall, to a complete refurbishment, change of space, or knocking down a wall.

Estates specialists will check to ensure your request complies with UEA space management and design policy, and Health & safety legislation. They will also ensure that the integrity of the building and its electrical and mechanical systems will not be interfered with, and ensure that works are not carried out unnecessarily, perhaps because an area is already coming up for refurbishment as part of the Estates refurbishment cycle plan.

Your request may be simply handled by our Helpdesk and maintenance or contractor teams, or it could be referred to our minor works teams, or our Projects and Estates Development Office. Where your request ends up very much depends on the cost and complexity of the works.

We will advise you soon after you have submitted your request, and talk you through options.

If you are seeking to spend funds before the end of a financial year it is crucial that you contact us at least 10 weeks before the end of the financial year to allow for planning.

Please note that we are not able to guarantee the completion or the invoicing of the works, within a certain timescale, at the time of requesting.

If you'd like to explore options please contact our Helpdesk on 01603(59) 2121 or at