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Frequently Asked Questions for New Students

UEA welcomes new arrivals for the academic year

What do I do if I lose my key or become locked out of my residences?

If you are locked out or lose your key during working hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) you will need to attend the Accommodation Office or telephone 01603 59 3690.

Outside of working hours you will need to attend the Security Lodge.

Lost Campus cards can be replaced at the Library from 9.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

I don't think my electricity is working?

If you think you have lost power it is advisable to check whether other sockets in the rooms have power – there may be other appliances affected or the problem may be isolated to one socket. Report any faults to the Estates Helpdesk on 01603 59 2121 or email

My hob will not work?

Hobs in Nelson Court, Colman House, Britten House, Paston House, Victory House, Kett House, Browne House, Hickling House, Barton House and Crome Court will only heat up once the extractor fan switch on the wall has been pressed in. This activates a 30 minute timer after which the hobs will turn off until the extractor button is pressed again.

Hobs in Norfolk Terrace, Suffolk Terrace, Suffolk Walk, Orwell, Wolfson Close and Constable Terrace have an on/off switch for their cookers.

My room is too cold/too warm what do I do?

If you live in residences where there is an electric heater you may need to switch the heater both on at the socket on the wall and the unit itself (sometimes the button on the heater is underneath).

If you live in residences with a radiator and are experiencing problems you will need to contact the Estates Helpdesk via

Please be advised there are heating guidelines which residential buildings follow and there is a procedure for monitoring temperatures in residences which will be followed before remedial work is done.

I don’t think my fridge is working properly?

If your fridge is too full the convection currents which cool the food will be unable to circulate. This can lead to build up of ice at the back of the fridge and mean the temperature will be food will stay warm.

Removing non-essential items from the fridge will help the fridge to stay cool. If your freezer is not working properly it is advised that after reporting the fault you refrain from opening the freezer to prevent food from spoiling.

My wifi is not working?

For all issues regarding Wifi and Ethernet in your residences you will need to contact the IT helpdesk on 01603 59 2345 or visit the IT Service Desk portal pages.

I'm having problems with the Laundrette on Campus - what do I do?

The laundry facilities on Campus are operated and maintained by Circuit. If you are reporting problems with the machines you will need to contact them either by telephone (01422 820026) or visiting

What can I tip down the kitchen sink?

Pouring food waste or coffee grounds down the sink will cause your kitchen sink to block. Instead please use the bins provided by the cleaning teams.

My toaster will only toast on one side?

If you are having problems with toasters only toasting on one side there is a button the toaster which switches the appliance from two slice selection to four slice selection.

My mattress is uncomfortable. Who can I contact?

You will need to contact your housekeeper if you have issues with the mattress in your room or the desk chair provided.

You can find out contact details for your cleaning team on the Estates cleaning pages.

What are working hours for maintenance and cleaning staff?

Working hours for maintenance staff are between 8AM and 4:15PM. If you have reported a fault to the Helpdesk and a job has been logged you can expect maintenance staff to attend between those hours.

The necessary repair will be carried out in accordance with an agreed schedule of priorities and response times, which can be found on our Maintenance pages. Our general advice is report issues as soon as they are noticed and that the earlier in the working days the issues are reported to the Estates Helpdesk the better.

How will maintenance staff access my room?

Maintenance staff can enter your flat or room with their own keys, but they will knock before entering bedrooms. If Maintenance staff have entered your room while you are out, they will leave a card to let you know. Sometimes UEA maintenance will use contractors. They will follow the same access protocols.

When will the cleaners clean my flat and remove my rubbish?

The Welcome To Residences noticeboard in your kitchen will tell you what days the flat will be cleaned and rubbish removed.