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Concrete Repairs 2019: Student Support/Careers Central Plus

Beginning 27th July through to the 12th August the walkway between Student Support Service and Careers Central Plus will be closed to allow work to be undertaken as part of the Concrete Repairs project.

During this period, existing concrete slabs and the existing asphalt will be lifted and replaced with a new asphalt membrane and new slabs laid.

To enable this, the ‘breaking out’ of existing concrete needs to commence starting Saturday 27th July through until the early part of the following week.

This is an incredibly noisy and disruptive activity and will effect nearby buildings however it will be carried out outside of normal University hours.

Access to CareersCentral Plus will be via the entrance on Suffolk Road with all appointments being relocated to the Careers Centre in the Street.

The asphalting phase which follows is much less noisy results however it can result in unpleasant fumes to the surroundings buildings.

This phase will begin following the breaking out (w/c 29th July) and will continue until midweek w/c 5th August.