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Concrete Repairs 2019: Closure to Chemistry walkway

As part of the Concrete Repairs 2019, the section of the walkway between Arts 1 and Chemistry (inclusive of the Chemistry walkway entrance) will be closed off starting 15th July.

This will be in addition to the closure of walkway from Arts 1 to Careers Central Plus adjacent to the Lecture Theatre and Library, which is already undergoing improvement works, and the Norfolk Terrace Block A stairwell.

Access to the Chemistry building itself is maintained through the stairwell on 01 near the Chemistry Arch or via the ramped entrance via the Chemistry Loading Bay.

The main diversion route for those wishing to reach Union House/Arts/Registry from Chemistry, Sciences and Biology via the walkway will be leaving the walkway at ENV Reception (labelled in the attached) and using the lift in ZICER (via ZICER bridge) to reach accessible routes on Chancellor’s Drive.

A few more key points which may help with access:

  • The ITCS building will still be accessible via main entrance on walkway (0 level) and roadway (02 level). The ITCS lift will still be in service but walkway entrance will be within the construction zone and inaccessible.
  • The ramps on the Union House side of the Arts building continue to provide access from Norfolk Road (02 level) to the Registry.
  • Access to the Library and Lecture Theatre building along Norfolk Road will be maintained and accessible routes kept clear although traffic management is in place for duration of the works.
  • The accessible route to the Library is via Lecture Theatre 01 level as the extension 02 entrance lies within the construction zone. The ramp at the rear of Union shop is maintained for access through to the Street and Square.

Directional signage will be installed on hoardings at closure points and at various junctures.