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Protection of Bio east stairwell and Sci Loading Bay

Works to protect entrances/exits along the Lasdun Wall with protective scaffolds will commence from Tuesday 25 February.

This follows previous works to protect certain entrances along the Lasdun Wall, including Sciences, Chemistry and Biology, to enable access during high winds.

Once protected, access to these entrances/exits will minimise disruption to University business during high winds.

Bio East stairwell fire exit and Sciences Loading bay

Starting Tuesday 25 February, scaffolding will be constructed over the Bio East stairwell fire exit and Sciences loading bay.

  • It is anticipated that installation of the BIO East stairwell fire exit protection will take 4 approx. days to complete starting Wednesday 26 February.
  • It is anticipted that installation of the Sciences Loading bay protection will take approx. 8 days starting Tuesday 25 February. Please note that the ramp will be closed betwen 07:30 and 13:00 Wednesday 26 February except for use as an emergency exit if fire alarm is activated.

To enable construction of the scaffold protection the Sciences access road (next to Norfolk Road) will be closed. Vehicles travelling between the Biology loading bay and Sciences loading bay will need to use Norfolk Road.

Additionally, there will be no access for pedestrians whilst the scaffolding is erected however there will be pedestrian access (including preservation of the orange accessible route) once scaffolding is complete.

Unfortunately these works are likely to be noisy while scaffolding is installed. It is anticipated that these works will take two weeks to complete.