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Protection of Arts 1 walkway entrance

From Friday 31 January works will be undertaken to protect the Arts 1 walkway entrance (opposite the Restaurant Building). 

This follows works to protect a number of entrances to the Lasdun Wall in autumn 2019, including the Arts 01 accessible entrance.  

In order to minimise disruption while works are carried out, the majority of these works will be undertaken at Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 February however some works will begin Friday 31 January.

While scaffolding is erected there will be disruption to the ramped accessible route adjacent to Arts 1 (under the stairs to the Arts 1 walkway entrance) but contractors will manage access during this time.

It is anticipated that protection of the Arts 1 entrance will be complete by Monday 3 February.

While works are undertaken there will be no access to the Arts 1 walkway entrance.

Access to Arts will be possible via:

  • Arts 2 walkway entrance 
  • Arts 1 spiral staircase
  • Arts 1 01 level (accessible) entrance
  • Arts 2 Post Room (accessible) entrance

Once protection works are completed, access to this entrance will not need to be restricted in the event of high winds and will enable greater access to the Arts building.

Once scaffold protection is complete a 1.5m clearance gap will remain on the ramped accessible route adjacent to Arts 1 as agreed with the Access All Areas group.

These works will be undertaken alongside the spandrel panel remediation works

Unfortunately these works are likely to generate intermittent noise disruption as protective scaffolding is erected.

For any questions or queries please contact Est Listening2U.