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Founders Green trenching

As part of a programme of essential infrastructure works across the UEA campus, further trenching will begin to the area by Founders Green and the Registry starting Tuesday 17 March.

This is to a new data cable diagonally across Founders Green. Works will comprise –

  • Setting up fencing around Founders Green
  • Close footpath underneath the overhang at the end of the Arts building
  • Dig the trenching, using UEA VC layby for removing soil – this will not involve closure to the footpath and any contractor vehicles or equipment using this path will be escorted by a Banksman
  • Lay cable and make good the ground

We currently expect works will complete by Monday 30 March.

It is anticipated that these works will precede the installation of protected scaffolding to the Arts building at Founders Green from 30 March.

For further information please see the Portal pages on Chancellors Drive roadworks.