Snow and Gritting Information Snow and Gritting Information

The Grounds Manager monitors the weather forecast on a daily basis and if it indicates that conditions could culminate in paths and roads becoming icy and hazardous to users, Grounds staff will be instructed to commence gritting on campus. 

In the event of a dawn frost not forecast our Access and Security team will alert the Ground staff to commence gritting.

Where there is a substantial snow fall, snow clearance occurs followed by gritting. Gritting is undertaken using machinery and by hand, as appropriate.

Building entrances and emergency exits, the Nursery and Medical Centre, ramps and slopes will be made a priority, followed by vehicular accessed roads and then pavements and cycle ways.

Despite the high level of service provided, no guarantee can be given that treated roads will always be completely clear of ice or snow. It is incumbent on all who use the campus facilities during freezing weather conditions to be cautious at all times.